Yoga By Design brings yoga to remarkable beautiful spaces in Toronto, and Beyond.

Where do you feel most at peace? Most inspired?
The answers vary from person to person. It might be a soaring atrium in downtown Toronto, or a light-filled hall with Art Deco murals painted on its walls. Some may discuss the nostalgic feeling of a book-lined library, others may prefer the peace of a century-old chapel; you might be drawn to the tranquility offered by a forest of white pines.

Yoga By Design wants to get you inspired by providing an hour of stress-relieving yoga in  awe-inspiring places in and around Toronto.
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Our Mission

By providing an authentic & pure Yoga practice in an inspirational environment, Yoga By Design provides a workout and deeply relaxing experience that allows you to become more in-tune with your subtle body. That's exactly how yoga was intended. The original Sanskrit word 'yug' means to yoke together mind, body and soul. Feeling stressed? Anxious? Having trouble catching your breath? It's time to connect mind, body and soul into one joyous whole.

Be a lamp to yourself. Be your own confidence. Hold on to the truth within yourself as to the only truth.
— Gautama Buddha